SFDC Animated & Dynamic CountUp

Lightning Component for Salesforce

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Summarize, Average, Min or Max any field from any Child relationship in any SObject, like Opportunities Amount from any Account. Even you can customize what records do you need to filter!

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How to use

Once installed, go to an Account record and add the Lightning Component Count Up to the Lightning Layout.

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Now you can fill and configure the following parameters:

  • [x] Required
  • [ ] Non required
  • [x] Card Title
  • [x] Child Relationship – RelationShip API Name Ex: Opportunities from Account
  • [x] Field – Field API Name Ex: AmountMyCustomField__c
  • [x] Operation – SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX
  • [ ] Custom Conditions – Like a SOQL WHERE Clause Ex: IsWon = TRUE
  • [x] Decimals – Integer value
  • [x] Thousand Separator – A comma (,) or a point (.)
  • [x] Decimal Separator – A comma (,) or a point (.)
  • [ ] Prefix
  • [ ] Suffix

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Using CountUp.js v1.8.5 from: https://github.com/inorganik/countUp.js